1. English

Eleven volumes have appeared in the English translation series, The Collected Works of Edith Stein (CWES). The publisher is the Institute of Carmelite Studies, 2131 Lincoln Road NE, Washington, D.C. 20002-1199.These works can be purchased from ICS Publications. Works are also available at Amazon.com. The Academic Advisory Board to the Collected Works of Edith Stein consists of Sarah Borden-Sharkey, Tony Calcagno, Mette Lebech, Walter Redmond and Marianne Sawicki.
1.On the Problem of Empathy(CWES 3)
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2.Philosophy of Psychology and Humanities(CWES 7)
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3.An Investigation Concerning the State(CWES 10)
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4.Self-Portrait in Letters(CWES 5)
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5.Essays on Woman(CWES 2)
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6.Knowledge and Faith(CWES 8 )
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7.Life in a Jewish Family(CWES 1)
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8. The Hidden Life (CWES 4)
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9.Potency and Act(CWES 11)
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10.Finite and Eternal Being(CWES 9)
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11. The Science of the Cross (CWES 6)
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12. Edith Stein: Letters to Roman Ingarden (CWES 12)
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2. French

  1. Correspondance: Volume 1 (1917-1933),Cerf, (2009) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  2. De l’Etat, Cerf, (1989) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  3. De la personne(fragments/non complet), Cerf, (1992) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  4. La Femme,Cerf,  (2009) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  5. Vie d’une famille juive,Cerf, (2008) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  6. La Crèche et la Croix,Ad Solem, (2008) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  7. La puissance de la croix,Nouvelle Cité, (1997) -  Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  8. Malgré la nuit. Edition bilingue français-allemand,Cerf, (2002) - Disponible sur Amazon.fr
  9. L’être fini et L’être éternel, Nauwelaerts, (1998) - Librairie du Carmel
  10. La Science de la Croix, Nauwelaerts, (1998) - Librairie du Carmel



  1. Edición española de los trabajos completos de Edith Stein en cinco volúmenes


4. Italian

  1. Rosalia Caruso, Italian Translations Of Edith Stein's Works And A Select List of Secondary Literature.